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Published by : Nov 07 2022 Posted by : NVIH

A Month of Recognition

We greatly welcome the month of November here at NVIH as it is Native American Heritage Month. This is one of the greatest opportunities we have all year to honor Tribal sovereignty. Historically, Native Americans have not been treated with the equity, dignity, and respect that they deserve. Any opportunity we have to honor Indigenous Peoples is not only taken with great enthusiasm by us but is also another step forward into a beautiful present and future with our Native American communities.

All month long, you will find education and celebrations of this month from us. If you do not already, follow us on our Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin pages to stay up-to-date on the latest celebrations. We invite you to share our pages with loved ones as well so as to include friends and family in community events. There are many exciting things happening this month, and we guarantee that you will not want to miss them.

This month is also Diabetes Awareness Month. You can expect more content about diabetes awareness, education, prevention and management this month. This is a time to show the world what diabetes is really like and how to manage it. You can get involved by joining our Diabetes Education Empowerment Program (DEEP). You can also begin to learn about sugar and diabetes prevention in our latest NVIH article.

As always, we hope to be a resource for education and provide community for our patients and all community members. For all those who take time this month to celebrate Native American Heritage, we thank you! Happy November.

Inder Wadhwa

CEO, Northern Valley Indian Health[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]