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Published by : Jan 08 2024 Posted by : NVIH

January Causes

Happy New Year from all of us at NVIH!

January holds significant observances: National Blood Donor Month is a critical time to address the challenge of low blood supplies, particularly due to winter’s disruptions like holiday schedules, inclement weather, and illnesses that deter potential donors. Donating blood is an act that saves lives, providing essential support to those in medical need. It’s a time when the World Health Organization recognizes blood donation as the ultimate gift—one that can save multiple lives when separated into red cells, platelets, and plasma.

Cervical cancer awareness also takes precedence in January, shedding light on the development of cervical cell growth and its correlation with various strains of the human papillomavirus (HPV). Promoting screenings and HPV vaccinations stands as a crucial strategy to mitigate the risk of cervical cancer. Encouraging individuals to connect with their primary care providers for screenings and vaccine information becomes pivotal in this awareness campaign. Please contact your doctor to ask about scheduling a screening at NVIH.

Simultaneously, the month rallies support against human trafficking, an insidious crime that exploits individuals, often women and children, through coercion and force. January 11th marks a significant day to stand in solidarity by wearing blue and raising awareness within our community. It’s a call to remain vigilant and attentive to our surroundings, recognizing signs of potential trafficking situations and reporting them promptly. Resources and information about combating human trafficking can be found at the Homeland Security website. More resources will be shared on our social media platforms throughout the month.

Join us in spreading awareness and understanding the importance of these causes. Together, let’s make a difference. Follow our social media channels for additional updates, resources, and insights into these critical issues throughout January.

Inder Wadhwa, CEO