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Published by : Jun 16 2023 Posted by : NVIH

Men’s Mental Health Awareness

June is known as Men’s Mental Health Awareness month. Speaking about mental health is easy in theory but complicated in practice, mainly because our brains are so good at convincing us to stay quiet. Did you know that a study found that7 7% of men have never talked about their mental health in their life? Some of the reasons were: they deal with it alone or learned to ignore it; some would say they’re too embarrassed to admit to it, and yes, most of them said they’re afraid of the negative stigma. Lastly, they don’t want to burden anyone such as their family, partner, or best friend.  


At NVIH, we support Men’s Mental Health Awareness. In general, mental health is an important topic and it should be given the proper attention it deserves. If you are not feeling okay, there is nothing to be ashamed of; there are many resources out there to help those that are struggling. If you, your family member or anyone else you know could benefit from speaking to one of our professional providers, please make your appointment today. We have many therapists at various locations. Remember that you are not alone, we are here to help.  

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