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Published by : Jul 04 2023 Posted by : NVIH

Mid-Year Recap & Reflections

We hope you are all having a fantastic summer with your families out in the sun as we move into the seemingly never-ending heatwaves. With the rising temperatures, don’t forget to stay hydrated and always use sunscreen. July is known as UV Safety Awareness Month. NVIH supports this and we want to spread the message that using the proper precautions when you are outside is essential. World Hepatitis is also a significant awareness campaign that is recognized in July. Make sure to wear purple to show your support on July 13th for Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumors (GIST) Awareness Day. And get your purple out again on July 15th to raise awareness for National Leiomyosarcoma Day.

NVIH is celebrating the first anniversary of our Chico Concord Clinic. Our newest clinic opened to patient care in late-June 2022 and we had our Grand Opening in late-July. Keep an eye out for some photos marking the celebration. On that note, NVIH is continuing to grow! Our Willows clinic will be expanding very soon; we will share more details as we go. At the beginning of the year, we set a goal to grow and expand services and half way into the year our vision is coming to life. We are grateful to our loyal patients and our community for the support we have been shown thus far. To be able to grow and continue to bring more services to all of our clinics, to provide the best customer service and care for existing and new patients is where we are headed. We look forward to sharing the journey with you all. 

As we reflect, it is hard to believe that we are halfway into 2023; this first half of the year has flown by quickly, but overall it has been very productive. At NVIH, we are still working diligently as a team each month to continue providing the best care for our patients and community. Last month we held a cultural event called “Beading Circle” in our Willows and Woodland clinics. We had great feedback from our Native members; we look forward to incorporating more fun activities like the one mentioned. We will hold space for more cultural events as we continue to grow.  NVIH also closed in honor of Juneteenth. NVIH celebrates and promotes diversity and inclusion within our clinics. Understanding and respecting each other is an integral part of showing compassion. This allows us to uphold our core values and to provide quality, compassionate care within our clinics. 

Stay cool and take care,

Inder Wadhwa, NVIH CEO