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Published by : Nov 01 2023 Posted by : NVIH

Native American Heritage and Diabetes Awareness

November is Native American Heritage Month and NVIH honors Tribal sovereignty. We invite you to celebrate with the dignity and respect our fellow Native Americans deserve. To stay up-to-date on the latest celebrations and education on this subject follow us on our social media platforms. Our calendars are shared every first of the month. We also invite you to share our platforms with friends and family so they can join us at our upcoming community events, everyone is welcome.  

Diabetes awareness month also happens during the month of November. More content will be shared about diabetes awareness, education, prevention, and management this month. November is a time to show the world what diabetes is like and how to manage it. We hope to be an educational resource and provide helpful information to our loyal patients and community members.  

For all those who take time this month to celebrate Native American Heritage, Thank you, from Northern Valley Indian Health.   

NVIH is offering the 2023/2024 COVID-19 vaccine to patients 6 months or older. Also inquire about vaccines for pneumonia, RSV and Influenza (Flu). Call your local clinic to make an appointment.

Take care,

Inder Wadhwa

CEO, Northern Valley Indian Health