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Published by : Feb 02 2023 Posted by : NVIH

Wear Red Day – February 3rd

February 3, 2023 is National Wear Red Day; this is an iconic day for American Heart Month. National Wear Red Day encourage American women to understand their first health threat, such as heart disease. This day encourages women to understand their blood pressure, HDL cholesterol, total cholesterol levels, and body mass index (BMI) in order to learn their personal risk for heart disease better. Who has a better heart than your sister, mother, wife, daughter, or aunt? Shouldn’t they protect it? That’s why it’s time to stand together and take charge for a better heart-healthy life. Learn how to protect your heart health and help your loved ones. At NVIH, we support this day and encourage you to wear red to bring awareness. 

 Throughout February, we will share statistics, tips, and information on our social media platforms (Facebook and Instagram) using #WearRedDay. Please help us bring awareness by staying updated on our impactful monthly awareness days for months to come.  

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